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nathalie lété

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craft the seasonsbd.jpg
l'atelier des saisonsbd.jpg

Crafts the Seasons
édition Cernunnos - Distribution Abrams


L'Atelier des Saison
édition Cernunnos


Mes petites histoires
catalog of my exhibition

at Museum "la Piscine", Roubaix 2015
Editions Gourcuff Gradenigo

Rendez vous avec deux gentlemen
work inspired by my friends Patch NYC

auto édition 2015

text  by John Ross, PATCH NYC

auto édition 2016

Bambi le chevreuil

original text by Felix Salten (1923)

édition Cernunnos 2017

Le jardin secret

édition Cernunnos 2017

(french edition of "in the garden of my dreams"

In the garden of my dreams

the art of Nathalie Lete

by Artisan Books 2017

Promenade de la petite fille
pop-up book
published by Les Fourmis Rouges

mecanism from Marion Bataille

Book A to Z 
animal's names in French, English, Spanish.

Book "Les animaux de la forêt"



Book "Bric à Brac"

Editions du Seuil


Book "My surprise ball"



Coffret "Petit Chaperon Rouge"

Editions Thierry Magnier


Book "Boucherie Extra"



Book "Portraits" d'Angèle Fougeirol

​(drawings of my daughter when she was 9 year old)

Auto-édition in collaboration with Jean Marc Dimanche


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